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Story of a Champion.

An analog chick living in a digital world.

...and a nappy-headed ho will lead them all.
5 January 1977
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She's 29 32, a recovering journalist, a newlywed and co-owner of a kick ass start-up. What do her FRIENDS think of her? Well...

"I rely on thewayoftheid's journal to know which muthafukkas (TM) are in danger of becoming extinct!"–pheret1

"Sure thewayoftheid's brilliant but, you should see her titties!"–sofvckinghot

"I have five little sisters, but if I could have one big sister I'd want it to be thewayoftheid."-lostsonofodin

"thewayoftheid loves midget strippers. She told me so herself."-sprorion

"[thewayoftheid] harsh? Never. [She is] a paragon of sweetness and light. A gentle soul, not at all inclined to violence. *ducks and rolls in an effort to avoid the lightning bolt*"–karnythia

Come for the snark, stay for the cheap beer hookers and blow.

1977, aaron mcgruder, adrian lester, adult swim, almost famous, alt rock, amaretto sours, anarchy, angelina jolie, april showers, bad cinema, bad haiku, being an evil smartass, ben and jerry's, bill maher, black folks, black journalists, black writers, buffy, cameron crowe, campy musicals, capricorns, carly simon, carole king, changing the world, cheesy 80s movies, chocolate, coffee, columbia college, columbia college chicago, comedy, complaint rock, cosmopolitans, cynicism, dancing, dave chappelle, dave grohl, dave matthews band, de la soul, dennis miller, disco, dorothy parker, encyclopedia brown, english literature, erotica, eyes, foo fighters, foosball, free music, friends, gap, gavin rossdale, geezers, george carlin, girlfriends, good rock, grease, great sex, guitars, havingoneinterest which noonecopies, heresy, hip-hop, history, humor writing, hustle, improv, incubus, indie films, isaiah washington, j.d. salinger, jeopardy, john hughes, journalism, judy blume, justice league, kenwood, kenwood academy, kids in the hall, lance bass, leap years, life, lost, love, manicures, martinis, maxim, men, mi-5, mike royko, misanthropy, mocking emo kids, movie soundtracks, muppets, muses, museums, navy blue denim, nikki giovanni, nina simone, oasis, peace, pianos, politically incorrect, politics, project greenlight, questions, radio broadcasting, sarah mclaughlan, sarcasm, saul williams, screenplays, scrubs, serenity, short skirts, sleep, sleeping, smacking hoes, snickering loudly, southern illinois university, stephen king, steve buscemi, supernatural, swimming, tequila, the id, the mclaughlin group, the onion, the tao of steve, top gun, tori amos, trickology, vanilla candles, vanilla lotion, vanilla sky, veronica mars, walking in the dark, west wing, wit, world domination, writers, writing, writing flows, wwf, xpltv, your mom